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    Blum, M; Krauss, K-P (2018)

    Age heaping and numeracy: looking behind the curtain

    Economic History Review

    Blum, M; Colvin, C L, McAtackney, L; McLaughlin, E (2017)

    Women of an uncertain age: quantifying human capital accumulation in rural Ireland in the nineteenth century

    Economic History Review

    Raphael Franck and Noel D. Johnson (2016)

    Can public policies lower religiosity? Evidence from school choice in France, 1878-1902

    Economic History Review

    Latika Chaudhary and Manuj Garg (2015)

    Does history matter? Colonial education investments in India

    Economic History Review


    Childhood and child labour in the British industrial revolution

    Economic History Review


    Rules and reality: quantifying the practice of apprenticeship in early modern England

    Economic History Review

    Hamilton, Bernice (1951)

    The Medical Professions in the Eighteenth Century

    Economic History Review