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    Vincent S Barraza and Jane L Fiegel (2020)

    Saving the black Catholic experience of Xavier University of Louisiana

    Oral History

    Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen and Ulla Savolainen (2016)

    The interplay of memory and matter: narratives of former Finnish Karelian child evacuees

    Oral History

    Pam Schweitzer and Marta Moreno López de Uralde (2015)

    Use of oral history archives in cross-curricular contexts in higher and further education

    Oral History

    Helle Bjerg Lisa Rosen Rasmussen (2012)

    Prompting techniques: researching subjectivities in educational history

    Oral History

    Brian Harrison (2012)

    College Servants in an Oxford college forty years ago

    Oral History