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    Helen Sunderland (2020)

    Politics in schoolgirl debating cultures in England, 1886-1914

    Historical Journal

    Laura Newman and Felix Driver (2020)

    Kew Gardens and the emergence of the school museum in Britain, 1880-1930

    Historical Journal

    Jennifer Powell McNutt and Richard Whatmore (2013)

    The Attempts to Transfer the Genevan Academy to Ireland and to America, 1782 - 1795

    Historical Journal

    Edwards, E., Tanner, D., and Carlin, P. (2011)

    The Conservative Governments and the Development of Welsh Language Policy in the 1980s and 1990s

    Historical Journal

    Jajdelska, E. (2007)

    Pepys in the history of reading

    Historical Journal

    English, J. (2006)

    Empire Day in Britain, 1904-1958

    Historical Journal